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Prospective Owner Information: Upbringing and Backup

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You are welcome to use this information to help you to question any breeder about the health background and upbringing of any
puppy you are interested in, of any breed .  However, different breeds have different inherited conditions to avoid. You should do
some homework on this. It is unhelpful to suggest that a breeder should test for conditions that do not affect that breed of dog!!!

Our infant labrador puppies (8 weeks old):

Vet checked three times at appropriate ages, including pallette, umbilical, heart, lung, ear, eye, digestive and skin problems ;
Wormed at least three times, usually four;
Tick and flea treated at least once if during the tick and flea season;
Fully weaned;
Socialised to humans, other dogs and some livestock;
Free-outdoor play and some problem solving experience;
Fully health guaranteed - refund or replacement if available, based on written veterinary opinion of unfitness for a healthy, active life;
All parents BVA hip/elbow/eye tested and DNA screened for prcd PRA, and results recorded on Kennel Club official documentation; Our own labrador adults (not all outside stud dogs) also DNA screened for all of EIC, CNM/HMLR, SD2, MCD and narcolepsy, and results made known and viewable to puppy owners;
Lifetime guarantee against being affected by prcd PRA, EIC, CNM/HMLR, SD2, MCD and narcolepsy;
Full pedigree information including hip/elbow/eye and DNA test results for parents, and as many grandparents and earlier as have had tests;
Full written health history and health background information for your vet;
4 weeks free health insurance activated when you collect your puppy, covering accidental injury and acquired illness*;
Kennel Club registered;
Written advice on all aspects of upbringing;
24 hour lifetime telephone backup (provided that we are by the phone - expect us to be out of doors during daylight hours);
Lifetime emailed advice on any problems that arise and how to prevent problems from arising;
Home visits if necessary at cost by special arrangement;
Very low price boarding for our puppies and our older dogs, when available. (Older dogs depending on the current presence of infant puppies here, how they fit back into the pack, and not available to un-neutered male adults) (Boarding here is not available for puppies and dogs not bred by us.  We are not a commercial kennel and ask only for a contribution to cover our actual costs);
Rehoming help in worst-case scenarios;
Kennel Club Assured Breeder standards exceeded;
Training courses at reduced cost, when available - behaviour, sheep training.

*We are not qualified to give insurance advice.  For details of the health insurance that follows on from the initial policy we arrange, click here:

*Legal detail: we cannot guarantee that the insurance company will agree to insure your puppy if you have a bad insurance history, etc. 

Older puppies and young dogs:

As for infant puppies, with further upbringing and training:
Inoculated appropriately for age and development;
Rabies inoculation and passport can be arranged if required, subject to age and UK DEFRA / other-national regulations;
The specific package will be agreed with you in advance in terms of the training stage you require and of the cost. We ask you to buy the puppy at the usual age and then pay its costs. All puppies and young dogs are integrated into the pack for socialisation, and are given training in basic obedience and house training in line with their ages and development. We will not keep puppies in isolation or leave them untrained, as they need to develop continuously for their future health, behaviour and happiness.

Backup service:

All of our puppies and young dogs come with lifetime backup in terms of behavioural and healthcare advice. This is for their benefit, but also benefits you. We have extensive experience of training dogs and owners to very high standards both of home behaviour and of work up to professional level. A successful pet or working dog is a happy dog, and the owner is happy, confident and without the horrific home and car repair costs that go with an unsettled dog! As we have put a lot of time and care into your puppy before you appear on the scene, we very much wish you to use the service whenever you need to, before you have a signficant problem. We are completely happy to answer the phone in the small hours if you have a health worry, and to discuss any other issues by phone or email. We do draw the line on phone calls at 3 a.m. to tell us how well things are going...

Families who have one of our puppies as a first dog or who have small children should build this into their thinking from the very beginning, as it will make a huge difference to the chance of having a really wonderful life together. Many of our more experienced owners still find that the service makes a big contribution, as all dogs are individuals and our advice is based on hundreds of problems solved or avoided.

Quality control puppies:

Every year we keep a small number of puppies for "quality control" purposes, and as prospective permanent members of our pack. These are raised and trained to meet our house dog standards (no mess, no fuss, no damage...), to be sucessful members of the domestic and the canine pack, and to be ready for formal training. We also monitor their physical development in detail, to check that our programme of breeding for health is definitely benefitting the next generation. Many defects are genetic in origin, and even the most healthy adults may carry recessive genes. Once we are certain that the puppies are of the highest quality, we make a decision about their future in terms of whether they are available for selected homes. The price of these puppies depends on the costs we have incurred in raising and health testing them, as well as the basic price of the puppy at 8 weeks. We will calculate the price on an individual basis when we have discussed your requirements. We will also assess whether a particular puppy suits your circumstances, as we know a great deal about his or her temperament and physical requirements.

Additionally, we are in regular contact with a very large number of owners of dogs we have bred over the years. Their messages add further health and temperament information to our knowledge of the way a particular parent's puppies develop long term.

Visiting the puppies IMPORTANT:

We want you to visit us and the puppies, before formally agreeing to let you have one and for you to be sure you want one from us.  However, allowing you to visit our uninoculated puppies is one of the greatest risks we take.  Exposure to parvovirus just picked up on the soles of your shoes in the street could kill them all very quickly, and there are many other serious potential disease problems. We therefore insist that you help us to minimise the risk of infection by:

Not visiting us at all if you know you have come into contact with any infectious dog disease in the last 3 weeks;

NOT under any circumstances visiting us on a tour of litters and breeders' premises, carrying infection from one place to another;

Wearing a completely clean set of clothes and avoiding contact with any dogs once you have changed into them. However, we recommend that they are suitable for coming into contact with the puppies when you get here.  This means that your favourite clothes are a bad idea, as are open-toed shoes etc!!! Practical is better than beautiful...

NOT bringing your dog with you if you have one OR if you absolutely have to, bringing a completely clean set of clothes that your dog has not touched since they were washed, then changing into them on arrival before you meet any of our dogs and puppies;

If you do have a dog, we would very much like to see photographs and to hear about him/her. On the other hand, if the puppies have not already arrived, we would very much like you to bring him or her with you;

Going through a simple shoe disinfection on arrival here;

We can only let you have very brief, no-puppy-contact visits during the first week or so of the litters' lives, while the bitches settle down hormonally, bond with their little ones, and grow accustomed to the constant to and fro of people in the house near them without being alerted by it. We therefore prefer you to stay away at this time.

Bookings and deposits:

We work strictly on a first deposit - first choice basis. We already have a number of deposits several years in advance. Deposits are normally £100, and are returnable or deferrable until we know whether we have a suitable pup for you. Therefore, if you want (say) a chocolate dog from the next litter, you book one in advance. We confirm a few weeks before the birth that the bitch is actually pregnant, and the sexes and colours after the birth. You decide then whether to have one from that litter. If you changed your mind about the sex and /or colour, and wanted (say) a black dog, then an earlier black dog deposit would have first pick IF they wanted one from the same litter as yourselves ... This looks complicated, but it is really quite straightforward and fair. Please note that the deposit is not accepted as an agreement to produce or to sell a puppy, but as a booking of a place on the pick list.  We do not hold you to buying a puppy you do not want, and we may advise you to have your deposit back if we feel that you are not suitable to have one of our puppies for any reason. However, if we feel that you have been one of the very few who have deposited without any real intention of having the puppy simply because we will return the deposit, thus abusing the system and disappointing a genuine person whom we decline as a result, we will not be prepared to discuss you having any puppy from us at any time in the future.


All of our puppies are endorsed "R - progeny not eligible for registration".  This is explained clearly on the sale agreement which you sign and we keep a copy of.  It means that you cannot breed from our puppy without our permission.  Our conditions for "lifting" the endorsement (giving that permission) are very clear:
        We have to see that the puppy is healthy, well cared for and has been raised with a good temperament;
        It must have a clear certificate from a BVA eye test less than a year prior to the planned mating.  You must also agree to test the eyes annually thereafter;
        It must have a BVA hip score of less than 15 in total;
        It must have a BVA elbow score of 0/0, 0/1 or 1/0 not 1/1 or higher (the official score is the score of the worse elbow if they are not the same - 0/0 scores 0, but 0/1, 1/0 and 1/1 all score 1).
We are very happy to talk through the health scoring procedure, the costs and the reasons for doing it, as well as the benefits. We are not interested in becoming involved with any breeding that we would not be happy to put our name to.



Lots more information is on our website www.arabianhorse.co.uk, follow the labrador links. We update the site as we have new photos, etc.

Do call us for more on our plans and answers to your specific questions, or preferably contact us by email: we seem to spend a lot of time with the dogs and horses, and not much near the phone!


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